READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, December 27

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems are by Helen Blake and Elsie Wicks.


Slowly the snow falls




Slowly the barren ground


And the hedgerows and trees

The rooftops and walls

Sport a mantle of white

Bringing change and delight

To our wondering eyes

And the birds huddle tightly

Beneath their plumped up

Duvet down

And well wrapped forms

Scurry home carefully

Thinking hot thoughts

Of tea and toast

And a place in the warm

And as I watch

And as I wait

The scene is transformed

And as I watch

And as I wait

I laugh with rueful grace

For here before my very eyes

Is yet another process!

And I see once more

That when the time is right

Transformation comes

Like snowflakes in the storm

Quietly and gently

And we rarely see it come.



So what does Christmas mean to you?

Lots of games and fun?

Decorations everywhere?

Presents for everyone?

But there’s a special reason

To celebrate this day

For tis the birthday of the Lord

Who in a manger lay

So celebrate and be happy

And then be sure to say

Thank you for the baby

Who was born this blessed day.