READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, December 25

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called Dining Out, is by Trish Rissen

A family went out for the evening,

they thought it would be a nice treat.

No one wanted to do the cooking but they all needed something to eat.

In silence they studied the menu

each one choosing their special delight.

The waitress took their order

and they settled back to enjoy the night.

Out came their own favourite gadgets,

each had an ipad or phone.

As they patiently waited for their food

each was in a world of their own.

Mum was catching up with ‘Strictly’

she loved the way the dancers twirled.

The colours and the sequins

sparkling each time they swirled.

Dad was engrossed in the rugby

watching every tackle and fall.

Groaning in exasperation

whenever his team lost the ball.

Their daughter studied her smart phone

looking extremely vexed

Her boyfriend had just dumped her

and he’d chosen to do so by text.

Johnny was shooting at Zombies

it was his favourite game.

His mother suggested something quieter

but the alternative was terribly tame.

Granny sat back and watched them

She hadn’t been out of doors all week.

It was lovely being here with the family,

if only one of them would speak.

The waitress walked to the table the family all licked their lips.

With a sigh they put away their ‘toys’

and silently ate their chips.