READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, April 1

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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These week’s poem, called NHS, is by Jan Parkin.

Doctors, health care workers

Anaesthetists and nurses

Working hard to heal the sick

And paid from earners’ purses

Target-driven therapists

Porters and midwives

All right there to mend and cure

And saving precious lives

Surgeons donning scrub wear

To fix knees, hips and shoulders

Plastic surgeons lifting bits

To prevent those getting older

Occupational therapists

Assisting those with needs

And the voluntary services

To listen, guide and feed

Life-saving cardiologists

With skilled and slender hands

Fit pacemakers and crafted valves

And fibrillation bands

Those dedicated paediatricians

Healing sickness in our babies

And health visitors in local schools

Treating nits and fleas and scabies

Opthalmic eye technicians

And those who control our pain

Those cancer caring angels

Their efforts not in vain

So many more who care for us

When illness comes to call

Our saviour that’s the NHS

Let’s not see it fall

Let’s stand up for those they fought for

Not just for the privileged some

When healthcare was a given

And there for everyone

For when it’s taken over

We’ll look back in time to say

That was the good old NHS

And wish it could have stayed!

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