READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Frida, January 2

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called A Cynic’s View of the Year, is by Muriel Coy.

Christmas is now a past memory, the New Year went out with a song,

With fireworks and such celebrations, the long dark evenings soon gone.

The days they are now getting longer, with Valentine’s Day yet to come,

If it’s Leap year, girls are proposing, men wonder how fast they can run.

Soon the spring flowers are showing, Easter eggs will appear in the store,

Yet again we start more celebrations, could we hanker for anything more?

Then summer will make her appearance, and holiday plans are then made,

If the weather is fine we get sun stroke, while we look for a tree giving shade.

With our cameras we’ve taken some pictures, to remind us of good times we’ve had,

Just to keep when the holiday’s over, in the hope it will make us feel glad.

As the leaves on the trees turn to crimson, autumn days are comingquite fast,

Then the leaves on the trees will start falling, as the winter says autumn has passed.

Once again we start shopping for Christmas, and hanging up lights on the tree,

Sending cards to our friends and our loved ones, and abroad to the ones we don’t see.

It seems ages, that countdown to Christmas, ‘Merry Christmas’ the constant refrain,

Then we wake up to find it’s all over, and we’re back to the start once again.