READERS’ POETRY: From th Bury Free Press of Friday, September 25

Wolf Trail - wolf in arc ANL-150923-094325001
Wolf Trail - wolf in arc ANL-150923-094325001
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This week’s poem, The Wolf Trail, is by Les Hopton.

The “Wolf Trail” all around our town, causing interest all around,

Inspired by the Wolf on Southgate Green, twenty six have now been seen,

Roaming around the streets and parks, ones even been seen in The Arc,

They’re not dangerous don’t be afraid, each was lovingly hand made,

They celebrate the Martyred King, murdered by the Norse Vikings,

When they cut off his head, it was retrieved and guarded by a Wolf, it’s said,

Then the abbey and town took his name, Saint Edmundsbury it became,

The Wolves will be left to wander, till the twentieth of November,

But on Southgate Green the Wolf will stay, to remind us all of Saint Edmund’s Day.