Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called Christmas Decorations is by Jan Parkin.

As I go through these decorations

Memories do come to mind

Of winter days and laughter

Of my very favourite kind

These boxes filled with so much love

The tinsel old and worn

Fill me with a warming glow

When my tree I do adorn

The worn and grubby Santa

The tree that’s past it’s date

The silver boules that once were bright

Are still just as ornate

If only I could go back in time

To capture all those days

Then I’d tell all those that I once knew

And they would be amazed

I’d tell them how whilst time has passed

In this world now they’re gone

That some things in life will never change

And memories linger on

So every time I find this box

And go back to the past

I’ll realise that while some things fade

That love will always last