READERS’ POEMS: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, November 22

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems are by Georgina Orford and Gillian Fisher.


My secret garden takes me away
from the worries and stress of the day.
It’s so peaceful and quiet nothing else can compare
with the beauty and colour that waits for me there.
The cool breeze that blows on delicate heads
and gently disperse the perfume they shed.

Birds sing melodies to lighten my heart
and a spider’s must be the best work of art.
There are so many things in my garden for me
to appreciate them you must come and see.
I don’t need loud music, or parties with wine
for my secret garden is simply divine

by Georgina Orford


is thickening with falling leaves,
that wind is snatching, earth is catching.
This is our time to perceive

paling woodland daylight matching
its wan hue with yellow splashes
on oak trees. Squirrels are scratching

through leaf-mat for acorn-caches,
under heaps of trees’ spoiled clothes
lie keys of the newest ashes.

Next Spring they’ll be undergrowth.
Autumn’s vivid coloured preludes
we prefer; while tending to loathe
the sulky, drab way it concludes.

by Gillian Fisher

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