READERS’ POEMS: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, February 7

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems are by Eric Palmer and Gillian Fisher.


Fifty years ago you could watch films at the Odeon,

There were always a lot of people there.
Before watching the film you could go next door to Taylors,

And Mr Lay would cut your hair.

On Friday payday was the feast at Purdy’s, a really tasty snack,

Then a trip to the bus station to go home and watch television – Crackerjack.

The Castle and The White Lion pubs, they always did a lot of trade,

And the Maypole was the best place to buy your lemonade.

Woolworth’s was the nicest shop for gifts and tasty treats,

And you always went to Dixons for the best cut tasty meats.

The Corn Exchange was loved by everyone for its skating ring,

And I bought my first record at Harper Music Shop – it was Chuck Berry’s Ding-a-ling.

But the best thing was on a Saturday, when you walked around the town,

Doey the fruit and veg man kept shouting na, na, na, nanas,

And he was heard all over town.



His cage mounted a wild

display . . .

four tails, six heads, sixteen legs;

all Jasper’s resenting ‘animal reg’s’.

“Oh, please tell me it’s the wrong day,

and unclip, now, this iron net,

you know darn well I hate the vet!”

he protested, with nerves and howls,

mews, caterwauls and stomach growls.


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