READERS’ PETRY: from the Bury Free Press of Friday, April 29

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called Waiting, is by Elizabeth Kemp.

You sit and wait for what I don’t know

You sit and watch as each day comes and goes

Your days are filled with watching and waiting

I see in your eyes, this game you are hating

I wish I could help and turn back the clock

To find that key and your memory’s unlock

You talk of things from years ago

Your eyes reflect, your voice does show

The joy reflecting is written on your face

It’s yesterday’s memory’s you can’t trace

You say you’ve lived far to long

I say I see a woman whose strong

You read the paper, you read out loud

You read it again with a voice so proud

You tell me the news for the first time you think

Nothing registers there is no link

I smile and comment on what you read

I pretend it’s news but my heart does bleed

It bleeds for you and the person you’ve become

If only it were simple and something could be done

You are quite happy in your daily life

It’s the people around who watch your strife

It’s hard to watch each day of your decline

When I know back then your life did shine

You taught the future adults of today

Who would have known your memory would stray

It must be hard knowing your memory has gone

It must be hard trying to stay strong

But strong you are it’s plain to see

Your up each day and greeting me

We do the same day after day

But that’s ok it’s easier that way

So dear dear lady you keep on fighting

And I’ll keep coming and your memory lighting

I will help you remember those things you forget

You’ve no need to worry no need to fret

It must be hard to need help in your life

You’ve been so able it causes you strife

But you don’t have to feel unable at all

I’m only there to catch u if you fall