Razorlight rocks in Thetford Forest

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SOMETIMES seeing a live act disappoints as you realise just how much the studio effects polishes up the vocal ‘talents’.

But with Johnny Borrell this was not the case at all.

Put simply Razorlight were awesome.

They launched into Back to the Start, before getting the packed crowd going, joining in with In the Morning and another one of their hits Golden Touch and a brilliant cover version of Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You.

Even performances of some of the less well known songs like Stinger and Reveal Yourself had the audience rocking while nestled in between was yet another of their classic Somewhere Else – an anthem that had everyone singing along.

It is now 10 years since Razorlight formed and they showed fans young and old that they have lost none of that magic flair that saw them burst onto the music scene back in 2004.

The guitar rifts, the beat, Borrell’s fantastic voice and charisma – the whole performance under the dusk sky, amid the trees of Thetford Forest, was fantastic – and what is more despite dark clouds earlier on, the weather had the common decency not to rain until the drive home.

The night came to a close, sadly all too soon, with the simply brilliant ‘Oh, oh oh’ America, the crowds walking away back to their cars still singing, an echo of a truly great show.

There were also support performances from two bands – first up was The Fractures who reminded me of some of the bands of the late 90s, the frontman’s haunting voice reminded me of Brett Anderson from Suede. It was the kind of music I used to listen to in my early 20s, nostalgic and something I would happily listen to again – I’ll keep an eye out for these in the future.

And then there was Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny. Their sound was certainly unique with rock guitars, trumpets and beautiful vocals, although the words themselves were sometimes difficult to make out.

I could certainly see their following growing over the next couple of years.

Mark Beaumont