Rattlesden girl takes on ‘20 poems in 20 days’ challenge

Six-year-old Ella Brown with some of her handwritten poems
Six-year-old Ella Brown with some of her handwritten poems
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A six-year-old girl is putting her literary talents to good use by writing 20 poems in 20 days – all for charity.

Ella Brown’s handwritten poems are no more than a few lines long each and feature subjects ranging from ‘squelchy mud’ and a ‘wondrous bush of raspberries’ to ‘dandelions and daisies’ and ‘one little rainbow’.

She still has five days of her challenge left but is already well on her way to reaching her £1,000 target, which will be shared between East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) and Kenya’s Yellow House Health and Outreach Services.

The Rattlesden Primary Academy pupil understands that EACH ‘looks after sick children and their families and makes them happy’ as her aunt works for the organisation, while she learned of Yellow House, which helps people with communication disabilities, through one of her mum’s closest friends, who is the CEO.

Proud mum Michelle said Ella became interested in fund-raising after taking part in a Save the Children Den Day at school, but was raised on the understanding that ‘we are born to what we are because of luck’.

The pair brainstormed ideas and decided on ‘20 poems in 20 days’ as something that would challenge Ella but could still, realistically, be achieved.

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