Raising money at 35 degrees below zero

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AN improvement in the weather helped Hazel Kurz to finish a fund-raising trip, but she still faced temperatures as low as -35C.

Hazel, 35, from Stonham Aspal, had her fund raising walk to the North Pole delayed when poor weather caused the runway at the Barneo base camp to crack. But when it improved they flew in to start the five day trek to the pole.

They experienced temperatures of -25C to -35C but with excellent ice conditions and ‘positive drift’ meaning the sea ice they were on was drifting towards the Pole.

The team skied for eight to nine hours a day covering 15 to 20km before camping overnight. They each hauled 45kg of equipment.

Hazel said: “It was remarkable how well the team worked together on the ice to ensure everyone was well. Getting used to 24-hour daylight was really tricky and made it hard to sleep but we had great kit to keep us warm.”

The team spent a night camped at the North Pole before being flown back to Barneo in a Russian Mi8 transport helicopter.

Hazel was rasing funds for children’s charity Action Medical Research. After 12 years working in clinical research she decided to turn redundancy into a chance to raise funds for vital medical research to help sick babies, children with disabilities and those suffering from a rare disease. The charity has contributed to major advances including the polio vaccine.

Having received pledges for more than £10,000 she is determined to double it this year.

To sponsor Hazel, visit www.action.org.uk/sponsor/hazelkurz.

She is also looking for corporate sponsors who would be interested in supporting a charity ball in the autumn and can be contacted at HazelNorthPole@gmail.com or via www.HazelKurz.com.