Rainfall fails to break 10mm mark in last five months in Bury St Edmunds

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Bury St Edmunds weather recorder Alan Messem has revealed that in the last five months there hasn’t been a day’s rainfall of more than 10mm.

Mr Messem says this is ‘quite unusual’ as it hasn’t happened in the area for at least 25 years and the closest to it was 1997 when the first four months’ wettest day was in February with 8.1mm.

Last month’s total rainfall was 46.9mm with the wettest 24 hours being 7.6mm from 9am on May 4. The total for the month finished up same as average.

By contrast, last year’s May had 26mm and 30mm on the 26th and 27th causing some notable flooding.

The average rainfall in spring is 139mm and this year’s total is 42mm below average at 97.2m.