Queues form for iPhone 5 release

O2 customers queue for the new i phone 5
O2 customers queue for the new i phone 5
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EAGER Apple fans have flocked to the town’s phone shops in order to be among the first owners of the new iPhone 5.

A queue formed outside O2 this morning in advance of their opening and they expect a solid stream of customers throughout the day.

Updates for the new model, released today, include a sleeker, lighter design and an improved camera.

O2 customer Dan Soper, 29, said: I have been waiting for it for two years.

“I’m looking forward to it, things like its thinner and lighter and the taller screen, there’s something about getting on the first day with all the build up and the huge hype.”

The town’s other stockists have told a similar story, Phones 4 u expect to sell out by the end of the day and 3 are predicting their biggest days trading since the store opened four years ago.