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Puzzle of St Edmund medallion in Bury St Edmunds proves an unsolveable case for former detective and Bury Town guide John

Former detective John Saunders has a puzzle to solve.

And while not a major crime this mystery is providing a few headaches for the cop turned historian.

John is trying to trace the story behind two medallions which depict the martyrdom of St Edmund.

Medallion showing the death of St Edmund (5357269)
Medallion showing the death of St Edmund (5357269)

The medallions given out by two local priests in the 60s depict the death of King Edmund at the hand of the invading Vikings and the wolf that is said to have guarded the severed head of the martyr.

John, who retired from the police in 1997 as Detective Chief Superintendent after 32 years, has spent hours researching the medallions.

He has investigated locally, nationally and across Europe but has drawn a blank.

He is now hoping, as St Edmunds Day approaches on November 20, that readers may be able to help solve the riddle.

The wolf of St Edmund depicted on medallions given out by catholic priests in the 60s (5357532)
The wolf of St Edmund depicted on medallions given out by catholic priests in the 60s (5357532)

John, who is a town guide and has written about two local schools and the history of the Catholic Church, said: "The 20th of November is an important day for us in Bury - it celebrates the feast day of St Edmund who became king of East Anglia at the age of 14 and was killed 14 years later. Before St George he was patron saint of England.

"I have contacted renowned historians, national and local museums, coin and medals experts but no one can identify what is a beautiful memento."

The two medallions were given separately to two people by Fr Paul Casapiera and Fr Bryan Houghton around 1964 and 1969.

While not antique or of high value John believes they are very relevant to the town's history.

If anyone can give John further information about the medallions please contact him on 01284 767894 or jes767894@btinternet.com

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