Putting prostate cancer in the spotlight

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With the Beat It! Appeal well into its second month, we are proud to be part of the nationwide fight against prostate cancer.

That fight continues this month, with today seeing the start of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Prostate Cancer UK backs the month, which will see thousands of people getting out to raise funds and awareness of a disease which kills 10,000 men every year.

Mark Bishop, director of fund-raising at Prostate Cancer UK, said the month was the last in its three month Sledgehamme Fund campaign.

“While it is already the most common cancer in men, prostate cancer is predicted to become the most common cancer of all in the UK by 2030.

“It’s as big an issue for men as breast cancer is for women - yet prostate cancer gets just a fraction of the money for research.

“The disease is poorly understood, the tests aren’t good enough, and the treatments can have life-changing side effects.”

To find out more about prostate cancer, including symptoms and risk factors, visit www.prostatecanceruk.org or speak to a specialist nurse on 0800 074 8383.