Psychedelic beats from festival favourites System 7 at The Apex

System 7
System 7
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Festival favourites System 7 will bring their unique brand of psychedlic dance music to The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds, next month.

The group’s central producers - guitarist Steve Hillage and keyboardist Miquette Giraudy - have forged a style in which techno, progressive and trance meet.

Since the beginning of the 90s, System 7 projects have been marked by a series of high powered collaborations working with Detroit luminaries Derrick May and Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, The Orb, A Guy Called Gerald and Son Kite.

As one of the first techno groups to play live System 7 have had a strong involvement in the development of dance music festivals, particulraly in the UK, and are big festival favourites playing regularly around the world.

Hillage was also a key figure in getting Glastonbury to recognise the dance scene and set up the Dance Tent, which he programmed in its first year.

Their live performances are a bit more extreme than their records with tougher beats and hypnotic live echo loops.

The gig on Friday September 6 starts at 8pm.

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