Principal runs in world’s coolest marathon

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LOTS of headteachers run marathons, but not at 26 degrees below freezing.

James Sinclair, Finborough School’s principal had to endure temperatures colder than a freezer to finish this year’s UVU North Pole Marathon in six hours, 40min and 42sec. It was won by Scotsman Andrew Murray in four hours 17min 8sec.

Mr Sinclair said: “It was the toughest endeavour I have ever undertaken and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned at times that I would make it. But I just kept thinking of the exceptionally generous donations for the Wooden Spoon Charity and the kind words sent to me. “

The weather was so poor that the 10th marathon only happened because a Russian logistics company parachuted in a tractor and staff to make a 800m runway for the competitors’ jet. Forty runners did laps of a 2.62 mile circuit, with armed guards against polar bears.

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