Principal of Brandon free school leaves post

Sherry Zand, IES Breckland principal (Brandon), for her one-to-one interview this week
Sherry Zand, IES Breckland principal (Brandon), for her one-to-one interview this week
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The principal of Brandon free school IES Breckland has left her post to in order to support her family in Surrey.

Sherry Zand, who has served as principal since the school opened in 2012, announced her decision to leave the post this weekend.

Peter John Fyles

Peter John Fyles

International English Schools UK (IES) said Ms Zand has chosen to move back to Surrey to be closer to her parents and support her daughter as she returns to her old school.

Peter John Fyles has been appointed as interim principal.

Mr Fyles has worked in education for 25 years as both a teacher and principal in Sweedon and the UK.

He is the chief operating officer of IES in Sweden as well as the chairman of IES in the UK and has been involved in establishing IES Breckland since its conception.

He said: “IES Breckland is an exciting school in its second year of operation. It has enjoyed a fifty per cent increase in its number of pupils this year and has a lot to offer students, parents, staff and the wider community. I am greatly looking forward to leading the school on to further success.

“My main priorities now are the ongoing education of the students, which will continue at a high quality without interruption, and the recruitment of further committed and qualified teaching staff who will make a significant contribution to the quality of the education students receive, including of course a new principal to lead the school in the long term.”

Mr Fyles praised Ms Zand’s work at the school.

He said: “Sherry did a fine job the school started with 213 pupils and now we are up to 316. That’s the intake you would expect if you were doing a good job.”

The school hopes to appoint a new principal by January.