Power line company in Needham Market announces purchase of scaffolding firm

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Overhead power line management company BTS Group based in Needham Market, has bought the OBO Scaffolding Company.

BTS managing director Halley McCallum said as the company often needs to use scaffolding, it would enable it to operate ‘more efficently,’ passing on money and time savings to customers.

“Bringing OBO into the BTS Group will enable us to operate more efficiently. We can have scaffolding erected when and wherever we need it, and we will be able to pass on savings in time and money to our clients,” she said.

“We’re excited by the chance to build on OBO’s commercial success and we’re planning to expand its reach to attract a range of new customers.

“At BTS Group we are continually improving our offer to clients. We are also working to ensure our journey towards being the UK’s primary power line contractor is on course.”