Posties pinpoint for map precision

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A PROJECT to pinpoint the location of every address in the country is being tested in East Anglia.

The idea is to use the on-the-ground knowledge of thousands of postmen and women who will use sophisticated distance measuring tools to plot the front door of every delivery address. The data will help improve the accuracy of geo-positioning satellite- based (GPS) mapping.

If it is successful, it will be rolled out across the UK.

Royal Mail has written to every household in East Anglia explaining what it is doing and stating that it is not photographing properties or taking other personal data.

Royal Mail’s Keith Jones, who is leading the programme, said: “Royal Mail has a long history of providing location-based information used by the emergency services, government departments, local authorities and tens of thousands of businesses across the UK.

“For individuals and companies, many everyday activities involve using information which is based on the location of an address. The emergency services, satellite navigation systems used by motorists and smartphone applications use this information.

“Mapping the co-ordinates which are accurate to the front door of addresses across the UK will help improve the accuracy of this information.”

Though things like sat navs use GPS signals to plot the location of the device, that data is overlaid with maps, postcode locations and other data to give searchable mapping.