Posters to ensure Halloween is a treat

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Suffolk Police have produced a series of posters to ensure Halloween is a treat rather than trick for residents.

Theposters address the issues surrounding the day and have been distributed to schools and businesses.

One poster is designed for those to put in their window who do not want to take part in the celebrations.

It states: “The occupants of this house kindly ask you not to call on Halloween. Please respect our wishes.”

A second poster encourages retailers to be responsible with regard to the sale of eggs.

They are being asked not to sell eggs to young people on October 30 and 31.

A spokesman said: “The damage caused by egg throwing will be treated as criminal damage and those caught throwing eggs will be prosecuted - if found guilty they face a criminal record.”

Another poster asks parents to think about the safety of their children and asks if they would normally let their children call on a stranger’s home unsupervised. In the run up to Halloween, members of the local Safer Neighbourhood teams will visit schools to tell pupils how to behave responsibly and be respectful to other people’s wishes.

Copies of the posters are available at local police stations and can be printed via the Suffolk Police website