Police warning after spate of thefts from vehicles

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Police are advising drivers to secure their vehicles after six thefts from motor vehicles in Mid-Suffolk.

Three were in The Chestnuts, Great Finborough, between 10pm on Saturday and 10.30am on Sunday. In the first a sat nav and a cream coloured hat was stolen from within, the second an Adidas jacket and a striped scarf taken and the third a sat nav and some change stolen.

Then in Brettenham Road, Buxhall, between 3.30am and 7.30am on Sunday a vehicle parked on a drive was entered and a bottle of aftershave stolen from within and there were attempts on two other two vehicles.

Call call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting ST/12/3770

Police say drivers can take simple steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim:

1: Lock windows and doors whenever you park, even if you nip into a shop, or are parked on your driveway.

2: Don’t leave anything in your car — remove all temptations from view including bags, clothes and tools but especially sat navs, wallets and mobile phones.

3: If you have a garage at home use it.

4: If you have alloy wheels use lockable wheel nuts.

5: Security devices can help deter criminals such as steering wheel locks, immobilisers and alarms.

6: If you have a sat nav, remove it and the holder and wipe away the suction pad marks.