Police warn of persistent heavy rain tonight causing road problems

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SUFFOLK Police have warned motorists that ‘persistent heavy rain’ spreading across the region tonight will cause traffic problems.

A spokesman said: “it is important that people are aware that the rain will bring difficult driving conditions and, given that the ground remains wet following recent rainfall, also the risk of localised flooding.

“Motorists should be aware that the heavy rainfall is likely to result in standing water on roads and should exercise caution and drive according to conditions.”

The Met Office issued a yellow ‘be aware’ warning of rain across southern England valid from 7pm tonight. The only flood alert for East Anglia is for the Hundred Foot Washes at Welney.

Last Wednesday night 28mm of rain fell in the Bury St Edmunds area bringing flooding to many roads in West Suffolk, including part of the A14. Several people were rescued from cars stranded in flood waters and two schools were closed.

Flood driving tips:

1: Never enter flood water without checking its depth.

2: Try to drive along the centre of the road where the camber makes the water more shallow.

3: Drive slowly in a low gear.

4: If you have to stop in water that covers the exhaust (you will hear it burbling) keep the revs up to stop water entering the exhaust pipe.

5: Diesel engines can be seriously damaged if water gets into the engine air intake — do not try to restart one that has been flooded.

(Tips from John Henderson, author of Teach Yourself: Be a Confident Driver (Hodder Education, £10.99)