Police want to build 30m radio mast

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POLICE have won the backing of planning officials to put up a telecommunications mast nearly 100 feet tall in Bury St Edmunds.

Three groups have objected to the proposal to put up the mast at the Raingate Street police station and St Edmundsbury Borough Council will make the final decision.

The Bury Society says the height and design of the mast would compromise the view of the cathedral from Rougham Road.

Southgate Area Association believes the 30m steel mast will overshadow the immediate area and compromise the cathedral view and the town council objects on grounds of the mast’s visual appearance and impact.

The mast is required to serve the Police communications network and needs to be that high to ‘see’ another mast at the sugar factory on the norhern side of the A14.

The council conservation officer says in a report to councillors that while the mast will be clearly visible above adjacent buildings its impact would be minimal in terms of the harm caused to the character and appearance of the conservation area due to its lattice construction.

Planning officers in recommending approval say Police operational needs should be weighed against the visual impacts. The mast would help police communications in an effective manner.

A decision was due to be made at the council’s development control committee yesterday.