Police seek hit and run driver

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POLICE are urging a man who drove away after hitting a 13-year-old boy with his car to hand himself in.

Jordan Avis, nicknamed Spud, was left with a broken wrist, a painful hip and a bump on the head after a car hit him as he was skateboarding near his home in Bildeston.

The driver asked Jordan if he was okay but then drove off.

Jordan, who was suffering from shock, collapsed in some bushes and was later found injured by his friends.

He spent two days in hospital.

His mother, Wendy Avis, 41, said she wanted to know how someone could just drive off without reporting hitting a child.

She said: “My boy spent two days in hospital. The bloke asked Spud if he was okay and then just drove off.

“If you hit a dog you would try to find the owner or at least report the incident – this man drove off after hitting a kid.”

Jordan, of Brooks Field, Bildeston, had fallen off his skateboard into Wattisham Road at around 4.10pm on March 26 when he was hit by the car.

Due to the incident, he had to miss out playing in Holland with his football team that week – a trip that had taken him six months to save up for.

Jordan said: “I was going down the hill and was probably going a bit too fast.

““I fell into the road and the car hit me – I bounced off it and landed on the curb.

“The bloke asked me if I was okay and I said I was.

“But down the road I fell on the floor and started crying. It didn’t hurt at the time, it only started hurting a bit later.”

The driver of the small blue car involved is described as white, of a medium build, around 30 years old, with short brown spiked hair and blonde highlights, around 5ft 4in and spoke with an Essex accent.

Anyone with information or who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Pc Daniel Steel on 101.