Police present for bride’s big day

Deborah Whitehand with her Suffolk Police pencil
Deborah Whitehand with her Suffolk Police pencil
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A police presence isn’t what most people would want for their wedding - but it helped make one bride’s day unforgettable.

Deborah Whitehand’s fiancé Stephen Whitehand, of Lakenheath, contacted Suffolk Police to help to make his bride’s day - with a pencil.

At the age of 8 Deborah wanted to become a police officer, so she wrote a letter to Suffolk Police offering her services as a detective.

Her offer was declined but she was given a tour of Suffolk Police Headquarters.

She said: “It was amazing, myself and my cousin were picked up in a police car, we were shown the control room, given a tour of the police museum, got to sit on a police motorcycle and in a police car and had our fingerprints taken.

“The day was one of the most exciting days of my young life and topped off with a souvenir of a Suffolk Police pencil.

“It was my most prized possession, until one day on a school trip I dropped the pencil and it rolled through boards into the foundations of an Anglo Saxon house – I was devastated!”

Stephen asked Suffolk Police if they could replace the lost pencil as a wedding day surprise.

In an email to Suffolk Police he said: “We’re getting married in July, and I wondered if Suffolk Police still use pencils and, if they do, can you tell me if there’s anyway I can get hold of one?

“It is possible that the gift of a genuine replacement Suffolk Police pencil might completely overshadow our wedding day, but I think it would be worth it if such a thing were possible.”

Julie Dennis, Community Safety Assistant at Suffolk Police came to Stephen’s assistant and sent two pencils for the big day.

On his wedding day Stephen presented Deborah with the Suffolk Police pencil in a long velvet box.

Deborah said:“I was stunned and delighted.

“I’ve always thought the police are a good bunch who will be there for anyone in their time of need.”