Police move to ease ‘black van’ fears

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Norfolk Police has moved to ease fears over rumours that a man has been approaching children in the Thetford and Forest Heath areas.

According to a spokesman, the rumours have arisen after reports on October 15 that a nine-year-old girl was approached in Lakenheath by a man aged between 50 and 60-years-old.

Since then, rumours have circulated through social networking sites about a suspicious black Mercedes van in the Forest Heath and Breckland areas.

Police are investigating the Lakenheath incident but insist that there have been no incidents in Norfolk.

The spokesman said: “Vans matching descriptions submitted by the public have been stop-checked by officers. These have been legitimate tradesmen - but intelligence has been gathered.

“None of the registration numbers circulated by members of the public are suspects in any such incidents at this time.”

He added that an email circulated to schools alleging to be from Norfolk Constabulary is a hoax and that no such message has been issued by the police.