Police lay out new priorities

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MILDENHALL police have all but cleared graffiti from the town - but have laid out new priorities for the coming year.

At Mildenhall’s Annual Parish Meeting, Sgt Phil Payne told residents that last year’s problem areas – graffiti, parking and speeding – have been addressed.

But he also warned that a rise in anti-social behaviour and shoplifting had forced local officers’ attention to shift.

Sgt Payne said incidents of shoplifting had risen since the new Sainsbury’s development had opened.

“I would like to send a message out to those who use the town as a shopping centre without paying – you will be dealt with and effectively be barred from the town,” he said.

The Mildenhall Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) has worked with Graffiti Removal Ltd to clean 28 areas of the town which had been tarnished by ‘tagging’ – signature spray-painted messages used by vandals.

A ‘Name That Tag’ initiative run with Forest Heath District Council has helped identify graffiti hotspots.

Sgt Payne said the graffiti was ‘unsightly’ and had affected residents’ quality of life.