Police killings show why we should appreciate difficult role

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“YOUR police officers, two of whom were murdered this week, carry out a role many would not consider as a career.

“Those who do are committed to serving their community with integrity, honesty and a true belief in enforcing our laws, in order that we should not live in fear of those that have no conscience and consistently flout them.

“They do so knowing that they will be subject to complaints on a daily basis along with verbal and physical aggression.

“Having worked as uniformed police staff for 23 years, I have an insight into the very real diversity of their work.

“A typical day will include being sent from one ‘job’ to another often knowing little of the circumstances involved.

“It will include having to go ‘blindly’ into extreme situations where police officers will need to manage and calm those involved whilst also deciding on an action plan which may resolve it.

“A typical example is they may take a lost or found property report, attend a person shoplifting, deal with a domestic violence incident and then immediately be sent to deliver an ‘agony message’ to a relative of a person who has died in tragic circumstances.

“Then it’s on to a fight in a pub or nightclub, then to attend the scene of a serious road accident and there is more inbetween including paperwork.

“Much of which is reported in the media will focus on the negative actions of officers.

“It rarely portrays a true picture of the reality of policing of which I know is positive due to people regularly calling in to pass on thanks which do not get publicised.

“I have had to call on all our emergency services, fire police and ambulance over the last three years (and was lucky enough never to have needed them before) and feel so fortunate that they were there for me and my family.

“I would suggest that if you have a good experience then report it.

“Similarly report if you feel you have been treated unfairly.

“But be assured that should you need to call upon them they will be there for you.”