Police issue warning following spate of thefts from cars

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A spate of eight thefts from vehicles during one night, in Rougham, has caused police to issue crime reduction tips.

Overnight between Tuesday December 18 and Wednesday December 19 eight vehicles were entered and had items stolen from within.

A sat nav, mobile phone, and cash were stolen from a car in Priors Close after the passenger door was bent to gain entry to the vehicle.

Items including cds, cash and sat navs were stolen from the other vehicles.

Police have reminded residents to secure their cars and remove all valuable items, as well as issuing eight tips to reduce the chances of vehicle theft.

1. Lock windows and doors whenever you park.

2. Choose well-lit areas for on-street parking.

3. Don’t leave anything in your car – remove all temptations.

4. If you have a garage at home use it.

5. If you have alloy wheels use lockable wheel nuts.

6. Security devices can help deter criminals.

7. Look for car parks with CCTV and police approved ParkMark award.

8. If you have a Sat Nav, remove it and the holder and wipe away the suction pad marks.