Police investigate report of ‘suspect device’ at Center Parcs Elveden

Stock image of Center Parks Elveden's pool
Stock image of Center Parks Elveden's pool
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Center Parcs Elveden was evacuated last night after a customer reported overhearing talk of a suspect device.

Suffolk Police were called shortly after 8pm and say the area was evacuated as a precautionary measure while staff, as part of their protocol, searched the premises.

A spokeswoman for Center Parcs said: “Yesterday evening a guest reported overhearing a suspicious conversation around 8pm between two other guests regarding a suspect device.

“As a precaution central areas were evacuated and the authorities were contacted. The police conducted a full search and gave permission for the area to be reopened.

“We are sorry for the obvious disruption last night, however, the safety of our staff and guests will always take priority.”