Police in week long campaign to crack down on speeding motorists in Suffolk and Norfolk

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Police in Suffolk and Norfolk will be clamping down on speeding motorists all next week.

From Monday (19) police will carry out an increased number of speed checks across both counties.

Chf Insp Chris Spinks said: “We will be carrying out patrols across Norfolk and Suffolk to tackle speeding in places where we know it to be an issue, where the public have raised concerns, or where collisions have previously happened that are speed related.

“Roads Policing officers will be joined by patrol and Safer Neighbourhood Team colleagues to stop drivers and give advice and enforcement as appropriate.

“Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Four’ driving offences which make you more likely to be involved in a serious injury or fatal collision, and our motivation is always making our roads safer for everyone.

“This means that those who have made a minor error of judgement and strayed over the limit may be offered a speed awareness course so they can learn from their mistake, but those who have shown a blatant disregard for the law or are repeat offenders will be fined or could go to court.

“Many drivers see speed limits as an inconvenience; however they will find it incredibly inconvenient when they are out of pocket by a three figure sum, with the cost of a fixed penalty notice for speeding rising across the country from £60 to £100 today (Friday 16 August 2013) on top of the three points on your licence you’ll also get.”