Police crack down on anti social motorbike use in Thetford Forest

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Police and partners have cracked down on anti-social motorbike use in Thetford Forest.

Officers from Norfolk and Suffolk Police joined together with the Forestry Commission and Diss Motorcycle Club to speak to riders in the forest on Sunday (14).

PCSO Natasha Donnelly of the Thetford Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “The minority of people who think it’s okay to drive cars and ride motorbikes on the fire routes that cross the forestry land cause damage to the forest and distress to the wildlife and other people enjoying the area.

“With the sunny weather now here, we are unfortunately seeing more people riding motorbikes anti-socially.

“We will continue to patrol in the forest with our partners, and anyone who persists in using a motor vehicle illegally on this land can expect to lose their vehicle, face a fine or even go to court.”

Twelve section 59 warning notices were issued to riders; a warning will initially be given to both the rider and the bike, which lasts for 12 months, when found driving without due care and attention, without lawful authority on land that does not form part of the road, or on a footpath or bridle way, and when alarm, distress, or annoyance has been caused to members of the public.

One moped was seized after a section 59 notice was issued to one rider, and a second rider then received a notice for riding the same moped 90 minutes later. The owner will have 21 days to claim the bike or it will be disposed of. They will also have to pay the cost of its removal and retention.

All people spoken to were given advice about illegal motor vehicle use in the forest and the dangers of riding off-road in areas where this is prohibited. Diss Motorcycle Club gave information to those interested in legal riding sessions.

Two barbecues were put out by Forestry Commission staff, and one fire was put out by the Fire Service at St Helen’s car park.

There are legal events, clubs, tracks and off-road motorcycle sites. To find out more information call the Forestry Commission on 01842 810271.