Police catch motorist trying to tow burning bonfire in back of trailer in Thetford

Police news.
Police news.

A motorist was left feeling the heat after being pulled over by police for moving a burning bonfire in the back of a trailer.

The driver tried to tow eight tonnes of material which was still alight from the back of their vehicle.

They were trying to take the bonfire to a rubbish pit but failed to extinguish the flames first.

After stopping the motorist in Thetford, at about noon on Thursday, the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing team posted a picture of the trailer on Twitter.

They wrote: “The driver was taking the bonfire to a rubbish pit but had not extinguished it correctly”.

The force added: “With nothing stopping the hot embers, or burning items from falling from the trailer, the risks to road users should have been obvious.”

A decision is still to made as to what action will be taken against the motorist.