Police authority set to increase its tax

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SUFFOLK Police Authority today agreed to recommend that the Police portion of Council Tax be increased by 3.75per cent - an average of around £6.03 a year (Band D) - in order to maintain front line policing across the county.

This will generate £1.55milion.

Board members meeting this morning faced two options - to freeze council tax and accept a one off grant of £1.25million for one year or to increase the council tax.

Chief Constable, Simom Ash, told the meeting that any decision made on council tax would have major implications for future policing, including the number of officers.

Currently police numbers stand at 1,200.

The meeting heard that the first option would result in £1.6million less funding in following years which would impact on policing numbers.

A final decision on the budget and Council Tax, which will look at both options with a preference for Option 1, will be made at the Police Authority meeting on February 20.