POETRY PLEASE: Readers’ poetry from the Bury Free Press of Friday, November 1

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s reader’s poem is by Jan Howlett and is called November.

November is a funny month

All mists and foggy days

All slippery leaves and muddy paths

And steamy breath and haze.

The cheerful joy of spring long gone

The summer – memories

The kindest part of autumn past

And only bare brown trees!

The Christmas spirit not quite here

– December’s promised prize –

And purses not quite full enough

For early Christmas buys.

An yet there’s something rather nice

About November weather

When evenings cold are spent around

The fireside all together.

No gardening now – just tidying

With bonfires, smoke and fun

And long crisp walks, and tea, and talks

And crumpets – who needs sun?

And then, of course, that special day

No other month can share

When squeals of joy and shouts of glee

Come echoing through the air.

When bangers bang and Catherines wheel

And sparklers spark all around

And rockets that went skyward

Come hurtling to the ground.

And when the Guy is pushed in carts

And children cry ‘Remember’

It makes us all feel rather pleased

At last we’ve reached November.

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