Poetry Please - reader’s poem from July 5

A reader's poem
A reader's poem
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This week’s poem, called Good Intentions, is by John Radford.

I said I would do this,

I meant to do that.

I was supposed to be there,

but I forgot where it was at.

I made so many promises,

Each one I recall,

But in the graveyard of good intentions

I buried them all.

Everyone wanted a friend,

So I said I would be around,

But when they needed me most

I could never be found.

My words were cheap and empty,

I must have seemed such a fool,

Because in the graveyard of good intentions

I had buried them all.

I let so many people down,

With words I did not keep.

Now it troubles my mind,

It keeps me from my sleep.

It lays heavy on my heart,

And makes my flesh crawl,

That in the graveyard of good intentions

I have buried them all.

So I have to dig some up again,

Put flesh back on their bone.

There are a few I have to put right

Due to bad seeds that I have sown.

Those specific intentions,

However big or small

From that graveyard of good intentions

I will resurrect you all.