Poetry Please – May 3

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This week we have contributions from Muriel Coy and Wilf Daniells.


Upon the bank the daffodils, they smile at me each morn,
The snowdrops and the aconites are looking so forlorn,
Their time is now all over, but they leave a memory sweet,
Of the lovely winter carpet, they laid beneath our feet.

Each season brings us new blooms, we watch them as they grow,
They’re with us for such a short while, yet make a lovely show,
It tells us when life’s over, our memories live on,
To treasure in our hearts forever, when winter seems so long.

So go and pick the blue bells,grow roses round your door,
Admire the graceful lilies, for that’s what they’re for,
They may not last forever, but one thing’s very clear,
As every flower vanishes, it will return next year.


I am a little violet, growing near the lawn

I may look very pretty but feeling quite forlorn

Growing with the taller plants, I do my very best

To make my tiny flowers, show up among the rest

Some people do not see me, I think this is a shame

Others look and say how sweet but do not know my name

In the weeds I’ll shed my seeds and hope that they will grow

Next year and forever, they can make a lovely show

I hope you all will read my song, just a lullaby

Now you know my name perhaps you will not pass me by.

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