Poetry Please – May 10

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This week’s poems are from G Orford and Gillian Fisher


Mirror you are no friend of mine
In you I see the passing of time
The face that now looks back at me
Was once a young girl full of vigour and glee?
For every year that slips away
A part of me would start to fray

Laughter was plentiful, tears were many
Heartaches were few and should not have been any.
The laughter I shared when my children were small
The tears that I shed when they went to school,
The heartache I felt when they grew up too fast
But all these emotions quickly passed.

Mirror I’m not angry with you
It’s just a phase we all go through.
Letting my feelings gently smoulder
Coming to terms with growing older.



This one’s not an old grump,
he won’t shoo us off the grass.
Parks have suffered a slump –
he’ s no time for the farce
of sadly-taken pleasure,
due to mean old rules.
‘A merry thing is leisure –
time that’s beyond schools’
or work-places’ grasp.’
He muses, yet he won’t
put up with yobs who clasp
playground gear to themselves, and
don’t let younger tots on.
While they’re unkindly riding,
he’s briskly deciding
which amenities those louts can go on.