Poetry Please! March 15

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This week’s poem, by Wilf Daniells, is called I Wasn’t Born Yesterday.

I’m older than Whipsnade Zoo

This doesn’t mean much to you

But it means a lot to me

As you will begin to see

The Zoo was opened in thirty one

My life had already begun

Yes, I was two when they opened the gates

And in rushed the people with their mates

To see what was new in the Downs’ side Park

The children thought it a bit of a lark

The idea was new to let run free

The animals all for us to see

They had big fields with fences round

To make a very safe compound

Little huts for some to keep warm

In case of cold or wind or storm

Dunstable Town is not far away

Where I was born on St Steven’s day

Dad and Mum when I was older

Took me in pushchair or on Dad’s shoulder

The walk was not so very far

Of course we didn’t have a car

And we picked bluebells in a wood

Dad said the walking did him good

We watched the gliders up above

Some were sailing like a dove

London Gliding Club’s there still

Soaring round and over the hill

I loved the Polar bears in the Zoo

And the big elephant “Dixie” too

When I said “Can I touch her” I was in clover

As the keeper said “Yes, but don’t knock her over”.