Poetry please! March 1

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This week’s poem, by D Meekins is called Life Goes On

When I was just a little girl

My dad would call for me

“Come here my girl, it’s getting late; I think it’s time for tea.

So help me set the table please your mum is busy baking”

I ask my brother Frederick

“what is our mummy making?”

He said it was a big round cake. with currants and some icing

So with our bread and butter first. we then had cake with icing.

Life goes on!

We said our thanks to mum and dad, then asked to leave the table,

We helped to clear and wash and wipe, just doing what we’re able.

Life goes on!

As years have passed, I am not a girl, I am a grown up mother,

With my dear Man and babies two,

We have a life of pleasure

Life goes on!

I still recall my Daddy’s wish ‘come get the table ready’

Let’s have a cup of tea my girl, its late my bed is ready

Life goes on!

Our God called Mum and Dad for Peace, no one will ever part them,

Their place in Heaven is their abode and love will last forever

Life goes on!