POETRY PLEASE: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, October 4

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems have been sent in by readers Wilf Daniells and Gillian Fisher.


I can’t resist a ready meal

Although at times I seem to feel

I should resist the hiss I hear

When ready’s time is getting near

I think I should cook for myself

But ready looks good on the shelf

The tempting pictures swell my heart

From peeling spuds I now depart

Not to be a kitchen slavey

Boiling veg and making gravy

No greasy plates to scrape and wash

Just dump the packet, squash, squash, squash

Into the bin, if it’s a sin

At least it helps to keep Me thin.

-- Wilf Daniells


Wheat, and other crops are ready
and the motorised fortress
combine harvester makes steady
field-reaping and sorting progress.

Advancing on each ear, awn, stalk.
Few will stand free, but to weave
the biggest corn dolly, with sample sheaves.

What gathered riches fill the barns,
awaiting visits to the miller!
He’ll crush grain with the wind’s elan –
except barley for the distiller.

-- Gillian Fisher