Poetry please! April 26

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This week’s poem, called I Want to be on Your Fridge, is by Graham Allum.

I want to be on your fridge

A poetic bridge from your shopping list,

To the date for the dentist

Past the vouchers from Tesco.

So that every time you go to get the milk

My epiphanies, fridge-magnetic.

Would be there with my poetic

Take on life’s chaotic flow.

Drawn by my gift shop wisdom

There in your kitchen from

The fridge door I would sound profound:

Life is, life is . . . a bowl of muesli!

And you would see that

In a few lines I could give you hope

As you grope through the earthly mire

I could inspire in you a reason to live.

Give you some kind of perspective.

From your fridge door to your heart.

With all my poetic art I would howl:

Life is like...... Benecol,..... good for your bowel!

And Monday morning when the weather is foul outside

You would glance at my words and smile and confide

To my few pithy lines, “How true.”

If I could be there on your fridge for you.