Poetry Please! April 19

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This week’s contributors are Gillian Fisher, with a poem inspired by a visit to Anglesey Abbey, and Chrissy Cobain, with a love poem.

Although none of the visitors
gets invited back, they can justify
imagining feasts in the dining room –
housemaids being busy with mop and broom,
and ritual the guides demystify.

What was I meant to think, this side of stone
and mullioned windows on winter days?
Ancestral pleasures the National Trust conserves
can be gathered like posies, when one observes
seasonal changes by gravel pathways.

Ballrooms with complex ceilings don’t 
enfold so many dances now – 
but they could be reception space,
and lend a wedding breakfast grace,
or where we hear marital vows.

-- by Gillian Fisher


If only he knew

How I’d felt for him

if I had just spoken up

and gone out on a whim.

If only he knew

about those butterflies

and how I’d loved

his delicious brown eyes.

If only he knew

if I’d just told him so

and if only he didn’t

now have to go.

If only he knew

I’d written this poem

I can only hope fate

will one day show him.

-- by Chrissy Cobain

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