Plan for 25 new homes in village sparks concern

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VILLAGERS have hit out at plans for 25 homes and a pre-school in their midst after an outline scheme was submitted to St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

Risby residents have objected to the plans for 25 two to five-bedroom homes off School Road and a pre-school.

They say the scheme by Pigeon planning consultants in Bury St Edmunds is too many homes for the village, which was designated a Local Service Centre in the borough’s core planning submission.

This gave a guide of 10 homes in any one development as being suitable for the village.

A meeting of the parish council was held last Thursday and its objections submitted to the borough,

Under its parish plan, seven new homes in one development is said to be ideal.

Derrick Abrey, council chairman, said it was not opposed to development within the village but this should be on a more gradual and smaller scale.

“The general feeling is there is not a problem with gradual development but to suddenly have this high impact plus the fact that this would have repercussions for future development is a concern,” he said

While the council would like more affordable housing it points out that this shceme only provides 20 per cent of afforable housing. It would like to see a better mix of housing with more smaller homes for young families and first-time buyers.

It is also concerned that the existing drainage already struggles to cope with demand and 25 new homes will create further problems with the main sewer in Flempton Road.

Extra traffic from the development will cause problems at the junction of School Road, says the council.

It has also asked for a thorough investigation into concerns from some residents about a possible Anthrax risk on the site.

Residents claim that slaughtered cattle were buried on the site in 1935.