Pitch vandalism puts cup match in danger

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A YOUTH football team is facing possible disqualification after vandals damaged the pitch they were due to play a county cup match on at the weekend.

“It’s mindless idiocy,” said Cllr Frank Warby after seeing the damage done to two football pitches on the Moreton Hall estate.

“There’s no reason for it, these aren’t young kids.”

At the weekend two cars were driven across the pitches off Symonds Road, damaging them by causing deep ruts.

Just two weeks earlier, football games in Great Barton were cancelled after vandals drove vehicles around the village playing field.

To repair the latest damaged turf by quadraplaying will cost the Moreton Hall Youth Football Club a minimum of £40.

The money will come out of the club’s fund, which is raised by its members at events like quiz nights.

“The annoying thing is the youths who have done it have probably, at some stage, played football on them for the club,” said club chairman Adrian Crowe.

With three games planned for this weekend, Mr Crowe said he was concerned the ‘mindless vandalism’ could result in the club’s players being thrown out of the county cup by forcing them to forfeit their match on Sunday.

“I have children of 13 and nine – the last thing I want is for them to be subject to dangerous conditions while playing football,” he said.

Around 10 teams use the pitches regularly.

Cllr Warby said the vandalism was disappointing considering the number of people who ‘give up their time freely’ to make sure the estate’s children have something to do.