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Brownies and Guides Nostalgia
Brownies and Guides Nostalgia
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This picture shows brownies and guides in Bury St Edmunds who used to meet in Raingate Street.

Rosemary White from Moreton Hall discovered the photo which dates back to 1947 which had been kept by her late mother.

Rosemary is pictured bottom left next to her friend Sheila Summers, nee Selfe.

She and Sheila are still friends and meet up now and again for a coffee.

Rosemary, who works in Mattelan, said: “We used to meet at a building in Raingate Street and I must have been seven or eight. I think the picture has brownies and guides as some of the girls look older.”

The picture also shows three sisters Gretta, Cicely and Shirley Thompson as well as Jill Clay nee Miller, pictured in the second row.

Where you one of these guides or brownies pictured here and do you recall some of the activities you enjoyed?

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