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Reader Nicky Doidge submitted this picture of what she believes is the Bury Rovers Football Club in the 1924-25 season.

Her Grandfather Harry Tredgett, pictured second on the left in the back row, wrote the names of all those he could remember on the back.

His brother, Nicky’s great uncle Tom, is seated on the left in the front row.

Nicky said Harry would have been about 20 at the time and Tom around 18.

The names on the back of the picture read: Rudd, H Tredgett, W Smith, unknown, R Banham and A Turner in the back row.

In the second row, H Gray, T Vickers, J Dorling, F Sale and A Elliot and, in the front, T Tredgett and C Bonnett.

Are you one of the footballers pictured here? Can you fill in any of the blanks?

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