Pet dog dies after eating slug pellets

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ONE dog has died and another is seriously ill after eating slug pellets on a bridleway just outside Bury St Edmunds.

Countryside organisation Natural England is investigating the incident which it says happened late on Tuesday afternoon on the bridleway between Bury and Clare.

A spokeswoman for Natural England said the dog walker had been out with two dogs – a Hungarian vizsla and a retriever.

Both animals are thought to have eaten slug pellets on the bridleway.

The Hungarian vizsla subsequently died while the retriever has been treated at a vets and is still thought to be seriously ill.

The spokeswoman said an officer from Natural England had been out to the scene on Wednesday morning.

He cleared up what he believes are slug pellets which have been sent off to be analysed.

The officer is now trying to get the dog owner’s consent for a sample from one of the dogs to be tested to prove that slug pellets were responsible.

“We think it was an accidental spillage of these pellets at the site.

“We don’t think it was anything malicious,” said Melissa Gill, a spokeswoman for Countryside England.

“One dog has died while the other is quite seriously ill.

“We will be investigating and we are hoping to get the owner’s consent to get a sample from the vets where the retreiver is being treated.”